It is a natural occurrence to have members of Industry Association’s and Self-Insured Groups to ask the administration office if they know who they can contact to get a QUOTE on Insurance for their Building Fire Insurance, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Group Health for their employees, or other insurance needs.

NOW by using The Combined Industries Purchasing Group Association’s “Insurance Referral Services” (AT NO COST TO YOU), a member can be referred to the Combined Industries Association’s office (by phone, fax, E-mail), OR is sent to The Combined Industries Web Site; at The Combined Industry will refer the member to a Licensed Agent/Producer in the state where the business is located.

The Combined Industry Purchasing Group Association of America, does not solicit insurance, does not quote insurance, and does not bind insurance. The Combined Industries Association only provides REFERRALS to a network of nationwide state licensed life and health and property and casualty; Agent/Producers, Insurance Agencies, and Insurance Companies.

This service is at no cost to; your Trade Association, any Business Owner member, or the insured of a member. The intent is to put a buyer of insurance with a professional seller of insurance licensed in the state where the business owner is located.

The Combined Industries Association was originally organized by several Risk Retention Groups, Risk Retention Purchasing Group Associations, and Self Insured Business Owners, which because of their structure under the law could only provide Business Liability Insurance. Because ‘owner members’ need more than just Liability Insurance to protect their businesses, the Association’s were being asked; “where do I go to purchase the other Insurance coverage(s) I need?” The answer was to develop a NATIONWIDE network of Insurance Agent/Producers, Insurance Agencies, and Insurance Companies that the Combined Association’s could REFER all inquiries that requested information about the availability of other insurance companies. This purpose has been served well with thousands of members being referred over the past 18 years thru The Combined Industries Association member referral program.

When your Association or Business Group member next time asks “where DO I go to receive a quote for Group Health, Workers’ Compensation, Property Insurance, Life Insurance, Business Insurance, Senior Citizen insurance,” or other insurance needs; REFER them to THE COMBINED INDUSTRY Purchasing Group Association, a jointly organized service Association that has been organized to provide members of related Association’s a referral program to a State Licensed Agent/Producer that will respond to their inquiry.

Phone: 866-937-7037
Fax:      866-937-7010