The Combined Industry Association Purchasing Group provides referral services only, to state licensed Agent/Producers, Insurance Agencies, or Insurance Companies, in behalf of members of affiliated; RPG Association’s, RRG Insurance Companies, or Industry Associations whose members may make inquiry to their own Association about insurance coverage which the member’s Association does not or cannot provide. Such as Workers’ Compensation, Group Health Insurance, Property Insurance, etc.. The Combined Industry Association does not solicit, quote or bind insurance coverage. The Combined Industry Association is a referral clearing house for members of affiliated Associations that make inquiry to their own Association. All inquiries when received by The Combined Industry Association are referred to a licensed Agent/Broker, Insurance Agency, or Insurance Company licensed in the state where the business owner is located.


Group Health  

Workers’ Compensation

Long Term Care Insurance

Retirement Annuities

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial LIABILITY Insurance

Business Auto Insurance

Business Owners Package Policy

Business Operations Liability Insurance

Directors and Officers Liability

Professional Liability Insurance

Excess and Umbrella Liability

Life Insurance

Recreational Equipment/Vehicle Insurance

Insurance Consulting Services    

Self Insurance Services, captives, RRG’s, RPG’s

Senior Insurance Products for Over 60






Please click on the insurance coverage program you have an interest in, and the state licensed Agent/Producer for that program. Then when the U.S. Map appears, click on the State where the insurance will be provided. A list of the Agent/Producers will be identified. You will then be directed toward the Agent/Producer Web Site developed to respond to your inquiry response that is for; solicitation, quoting, and binding the Insurance Coverage you may have an interest in. Be directed by that site.

THANK your Industry Association for making this Association referral service program available to their members. Your Association IS NOT paid a fee or provided any other consideration for the Combined Industry Association referral service.