COMBINED INDUSTRYíS ASSOCIATION Purchasing Group was organized as a serviceís division for several Risk Retention Act Risk Purchasing Group Associationís, Risk Retention Insurance Companyís, or Business Industry Associationís, as a ďclearing houseĒ for the referral of members that made inquiry to the Business Association or Industry Association, about insurance that otherwise was not qualified to be provided by the RPG Association, RRG, or Industry Association, as a Group Insurance Provider.

Combined Industries offers a referral network of Licensed Producers, Brokers, and Insurance Agencies licensed in the state where the member of the organizing Association is located.

The Combined Industries Association DOES NOT solicit, quote, issue, or provide Insurance services. Combined Industry IS NOT licensed as a; Producer, Broker, Insurance Agency, Association Purchasing Group or Risk Retention Group Insurer under the Federal Risk Retention Act. Combined Industries does not represent or act in behalf of any Association or Association member in the quoting, placement, or policyholder services of any insurance coverage provided to any member of a participating RPG, RRG, or Industry Association represented by the Combined Industries Association.

All and any response to a referral from a member Association; RPG, RRG, or Industry Association, is provided by a licensed Insurance Producer, Insurance Agency or licensed Insurance Broker in the state where the member or potential member is located.

At any time, if an Association referred business owner has a question, please contact the Combined Industries Association office in Salt Lake City, Utah for assistance in identifying the; licensed state Insurance Producer, Insurance Agency, or Insurance Company that Combined Industries has referred the memberís inquiry for assistance.

                                Phone: 866-937-7037
                                FAX:    866-937-7010
                                E-Mail: fdl@combinedindustrypurchasinggroup.com

To make inquiry with regard to a specific Insurance program or Insurance coverage, please click on the list of Insurance Programs available, and then click on the state map for the state where the Insurance will be quoted. The Associationís Web Site will then transfer you to the licensed Producer or licensed Insurance Agencyís Web Site, in that state where the member is located, for a response to any inquiry and provide any further insurance service.

The Combined Industry Association only provides referral services for members of related Industry Associations and does not solicit inquiries or provide direct insurance services to insuredís or potential insuredís.